Wild Awakening

“Sometimes we need to stop, breath, put our to do list down, so we can reconnect with what we want and who we are as women”

Waking Up

I was feeling tired this morning and looking out of the window at the beautiful day, I knew that I had to get outside …………

Waking Up

I walk on the squidgy grass

Captivated by the glistening snowy mountains

Droplets of water captured and jewel like nestled in the leaves

I feel the warmth of the sun warming my body

Feeling the cold crisp air in my mouth as I breath

Seeing the almost transparent intricate patterns of the clouds ever changing across the blue sky

I feel the moist earth on my skin as I climb a steep bank

I feel the freedom of the buzzard as he soars above me

I see the richness as I enter the forest

I hear the leaves rustle quietly beneath my feet

I hear, feel the silence of the forest

I see the stillness as I look deep into the woods

Touching the soft moss springy under my hand

I hear the faint music of a stream

Feeling my anticipation, I follow

Seeing the clearness of the water

Feeling the icy cold to my touch

I hear the beauty of her movement

I see the shadows of the deer, feeling their fear as they run

I now feel the wind caress my face, the sun

Warming my body

Re-energised I am ready to begin again


Can you connect with Nature through a Youtube video?

I feel a deep longing in me, when I see this beautiful video.  To embed my self deeply in the earth and know that I fully belong here as much as the rocks and the stars.   And my heart knows that I won’t find that fully by watching a Youtube video..

Are you ready to prioritise your inner peace?

Over the coming weeks, months and years, Priya and Nick will be posting here their own experience of Wild Awakening, and living in the heart, as it unfolds in their own personal lives from day to day.

Whether it’s the simple awe we experience from the mountain view from our garden; herding our neighbours escaped cows using the power of qi gong and intention; or the wisdom we have learned from meditating with our bees, we’ll be sharing it here.

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